Placing the Focus on the User to Increase Website Traffic for HUB International Ontario.

HUB International is one of North America’s top insurance brokerage businesses. Property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, risk management solutions, and other services are available through HUB. They are Canada’s largest insurance broker.

The Challenge

Keeping a worldwide company’s branding consistent across all of its websites may be difficult. It is much more difficult for a firm that offers such a wide range of products as HUB International. Manually generating landing pages for all branches and services is a big resource drain for the firm. If they are inconsistent, users and visitors may become frustrated.

HUB International wanted a solution to achieve brand consistency across its numerous websites while also providing regionally relevant content. They desired to create a website focused on lead conversion. This entails limiting the websites in order to build architecture that is simpler to traverse.

The Analysis

First, Digizen International examined the present pages that existed on HUB’s websites. Experts in UX/UI and web development were involved, and the Digizen International team met with HUB multiple times during the process. We learnt from these sessions that the websites were not being created with the user or the region in mind. As a result, search engines did not give HUB’s pages high rankings.

This technique was clearly not functioning. It was just not generating traffic or lead submissions. As a result, we decided to devise a method to boost search engine ranks.

By considering the user and the unique place. Increased website traffic and lead submissions would be the final consequence.

Digizen International did a detailed SEO assessment of the previous site to find any possible areas of improvement to guarantee the new site maintained Medius’ outstanding SEO performance. This involved optimising the page names, meta descriptions, and content structure of the site, as well as developing a keyword strategy to enhance important parts of the new site and increase organic traffic to the site.The new Medius website was designed to convert new B2B leads in addition to its outstanding SEO performance.

Digizen International collaborated closely with Medius to create a complete content marketing plan that comprised an enormous library of materials such as FAQs, product tours, guides, webinars, glossary pages, and more. These tools were created to deliver relevant knowledge to potential consumers and to establish Medius as an industry thought leader, all while boosting conversions and improving brand engagement.

The Solution

Digizen Internationl decided that the process would proceed in three separate steps. These are:

  • User testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization testing
  • Redesign the websites

User testing was an essential component of our strategy. We realised that in order to improve website traffic and lead submissions, we needed to incorporate user feedback into the process. We used user testing to drive the design and development processes. We can create a user-friendly webpage design by determining what the user loves and dislikes.

Following that, we performed Conversion Rate Optimisation testing to boost the number of lead submissions. When someone sees the website, the next step is to provide items and services that are relevant to their needs in an understandable manner. We were able to spin the information from HUB in such a manner that boosted leads, utilising their great goods in a way that would be appealing to visitors, using our database of tests and applications.

Finally, with all of this information, we were able to revamp HUB’s websites. We redesigned the front-end of their websites to improve brand consistency. This uniform appearance made it easier for visitors to process. We applied some consistency to the front-end layout as well. We also redeveloped and repurposed each website with region-specific content that would be more attractive to search engines, leading to higher rankings.

The Results

The redesigned HUB International websites offered uniformity that was appealing to both consumers and search engines. The ultimate effect was a 133% rise in overall lead submission and a 152% increase in overall traffic. This case study highlights the value of user data in extensive testing, as well as the significance of region-focused content for search engines. This data may be used to design great, consistent websites. This procedure established a structure that HUB could use for future websites, freeing up significant corporate resources.