Rebranded B2B Website for Optimized Lead Gen and UX

As part of a visual rebranding initiative, Medius, a worldwide spend management solutions provider, collaborated with Digizen International to design their new Umbraco website. The Digizen International and Medius teams assisted with the migration of an extensive content marketing campaign that includes FAQs, product tours, guides, webinars, and more, in addition to the website’s new appearance and navigation. Medius’ outstanding SEO performance is maintained, and continuing expansion is driven by b2b lead generation.

The Challenge

The project required modernising the website to reflect Medius’ new corporate identity, to better demonstrate the technology and benefits, and to engage current and future customers. The rebuilt site would also have to maintain its current search engine optimisation (SEO) performance. In addition, a large content marketing library with product tours, manuals, FAQs, webinars, and other materials had to be transferred. It was critical to move these elements smoothly so that the website’s lead generating capabilities remained strong with the new look.

The Solution

Umbraco, a versatile and user-friendly content management system, was used to build the new website, allowing the Digizen International team to customise the appearance and functionality to match Medius’ unique demands. With a clean and modern look that prioritised usability and simplicity of navigation, the site’s design was created to showcase Medius’ corporate identity and key principles.

Digizen International did a detailed SEO assessment of the previous site to find any possible areas of improvement to guarantee the new site maintained Medius’ outstanding SEO performance. This involved optimising the page names, meta descriptions, and content structure of the site, as well as developing a keyword strategy to enhance important parts of the new site and increase organic traffic to the site.The new Medius website was designed to convert new B2B leads in addition to its outstanding SEO performance.

Digizen International collaborated closely with Medius to create a complete content marketing plan that comprised an enormous library of materials such as FAQs, product tours, guides, webinars, glossary pages, and more. These tools were created to deliver relevant knowledge to potential consumers and to establish Medius as an industry thought leader, all while boosting conversions and improving brand engagement.

The Results

Overall, Digizen International’s new Umbraco website for Medius represents a huge step forward for the firm as it continues to grow and expand its reach as a leading AP automation and worldwide payment software supplier. Medius is well-positioned to continue driving growth and offering value to their consumers in the years ahead by integrating their corporate identity with a modern and user-friendly website design, optimising for SEO, and building a comprehensive content marketing plan.

The website also received a Web quality Award in the B2B category for design, experience, and development quality.