Improved User Experience with an Updated B2B Manufacturing Website

Polyscience, a global pioneer in temperature management systems for a variety of sectors, collaborated with Digizen International  Celtic to revamp and redevelop the website on the newest Umbraco CMS version. Digizen International restructured the back office to allow for a more simplified editing experience and easier procedures, in addition to creating an updated design and user experience.


The Challenge

Polyscience has previously gone through a lengthy investigation, wireframe, and design process with their record agency, Celtic, to create the groundwork for the new website and implement improved branding and product presentations. The team required an expert developer to effortlessly move the designs to the current version of Umbraco and to connect all of the page components to an easy-to-use back office for quick site upgrades.
The previous website did not provide much in the way of UX best practises, resulting in a clumsy user experience and inconsistent branding. It also did not effectively present the items and did not provide very compelling material.

The Solution

Because we were taking on a project that was already in progress, our first step was to do comprehensive discovery with both teams to gain a deeper understanding of the project’s history and to decide the best way ahead to fulfil client expectations and timetables.

We were curious to learn:

  • The history of the updated designs.
  • Any components or functionality that were new to the site.
  • Any integrations that would need to be included in the development, including new technology to showcase 3D versions of each product.

This approach involved extensive discussions with Celtic to discuss design direction and philosophy, as well as how specific portions of the site should function and interact with users. We collaborated closely with the team to bring the concepts to life, ensuring that content components were appropriately mapped to Umbraco and operated properly.

Our integrated team of Project Management, Development, Resourcing, Content, and QA professionals lead the process of gathering information, processing it, and implementing it into our development process.

The Results

After converting the designs to the most recent version of the Umbraco CMS, the newly updated design not only better showed the brand and goods, but it also allowed the Polyscience team to make adjustments to the site fast and simply without the need for a development resource. The data continues to indicate gains in user engagement and will be used to influence future site changes and iterations.

We are constantly improving the site, making changes based on real user data and participation. Meanwhile, the new site offers consumers a more simplified experience that better highlights the goods, resources, and brand.